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Dan Carr,  Certified Personal Trainer

Graduate Portland High School 1991 – ValedictorianGraduate Brown University- 1995 Experience  Specialties
• Certified Trainer
• Olympic Style lifting for sports performance
• Certified Nutritional Consultant
• Power Lifting
• Certified NABF Personal Training
• Weight training
• Certified in Nordic Walking
• Sport Specific Training (Improving your competitive or recreational abilities.)
• Certified Nutraceutical and Anti-Aging    Consultant
• Training that is customized for the individual needs   I am an advocate of a balanced regimen to maintain good health, utilizing a holistic approach to achieve optimum results.  I have been professionally involved in health and nutrition since 1996, working with Dr. Hal WonKen- a noted medical physician, and Kinesiologist, and a pioneer in alternative nutritional healing. A consistent course of therapy with exercise is a critical part of the process in enjoining both mind and body to achieve the balance necessary to help insure that each day for my clients is better than the last.  I am a founding principal of Body of Work, 161 Oceanside, So. Portland, Me., and would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss and plan a personal program that will enhance both your mental and physical well being.

Dan Carr
Certified Personal Trainer


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The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!


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